Sunday, May 16, 2010

Online Sample Sales

I discovered online sample sales through a coworker of mine. After that I read a lot of articles describing what it was, from USA today to Economist magazine. In one sentence, it's a place where you can find "designer stuff" that you hear about but never thought you could afford (or would be willing to spend the money on) at a discount price. The discount can range from 30% to 75% except for blowout sales and final acts, which can give you a discount of up to 90%. These sales are very competitive. The hot merchandise are gone in a few minutes if you are not quick enough. I joined three different groups. They are by invitation only. I have only spent money on the first one I joined which is Ruelala. (I mentioned it in yesterday's blog). But I have been keeping an eye on all three of them. Sometimes you can get pleasantly surprised by your find.

New boutiques open everyday at 11 am. Log in at 11 if you are serous about purchasing.  There are previews on what brands will be featured on each day, so plan ahead for your favorite brand. When you see something you like, buy it quick. They charge $10 flat shipping, and it's good till 8 pm the same day. So if you find something else you want later on, you don't get charged extra shipping. The return policy has been that for 30 days you can return any merchandise for free (return label included) and get a store credit. (Unless of course it's a final sale item, which they clearly label.) Recently they've changed the policy so that you can choose to get a store credit or money back if you are willing to pay shipping back. Mostly my experience with them is positive. Oh one more thing. They do have a lot of European name brands like Just Cavali for example. Their sizes run small. Be very careful and make sure you check the size chart, especially when you are purchasing their final sales. (May 19, 20 are their final sales coming up) If you want to check them out, click here to sign up. This is my invitation to you. Good luck.

This website has a lot more selections than Ruelala. It's got a very nice user interface. They open at noon everyday except on Sundays when they open at 9pm, I think. You can keep an item in your cart for 15 minutes or so before someone else can grab it from you, which is a nice feature I think. They don't have an all day free shipping once you purchase something, but you have an hour to get the the benefit. I noticed that there a lot more stuff that are "final sales" than Ruelala does. Most people don't care, but I kind of like to have a choice. If you want to check it out, click here to sign up.

I don't know much about Hautelook. There merchandise is less attractive to me, except their Saturday blow out sales, which is always up to 80% off original retail. They open at 11 am as well. To join, click here.

Enjoy your online shopping. One more thing to say before I go. This activity can be addictive. (Think the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic") Use caution! Do watch your spending. I feel like I'm putting down surgeons warnings before selling cigarettes to you, but trust me, the experience is rewarding.


  1. Very thorough research and useful advice! No wonder you could be a "Shopaholic " and still keep your pocket full. :)
    BTW, I do love the Diesel Jeans I got from Ruelala. Thanks for inviting me.

  2. Thank for the info. I've been a little weary of actually purchasing something from Gilt (although I've been a member forever). I hope I find something soon :)

  3. You're welcome, girls. This week on Ruelala, Final sales! Hope they have some good stuff this time. Have fun!



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