Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mother and Daughter denim

I'm recently very into denim. I like jeans, different cut, wash, fit, and color. I recently expanded my love of jeans to denim jackets. When I went shopping with Jasmine yesterday, I found this cute jean jacket from old navy for $14. Tried it on her. Loved it. The thing I found about Old Navy recently is that they have decent quality kids' clothes but when it comes to adult clothing, the quality is not just sub-par, it's crap. I don't know how and why? The jean jacket I got is actually very well made for kids clothing. Their adult version is, well, I can't even find a word to describe it. So I had to spend significantly more for mine. Got it from LOFT at 40% off (yesterday's one day sale), still cost $41. I love the way it looks with floral dresses and skirts.


  1. I love how the jean jacket tones down the dress -- otherwise it is too floral.

    What is Jasmine pointing at?

  2. I was pointing at the tulips.



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