Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fighting with social convention

Growing up I have always been short. At least since I can remember things. Being tall and thin were considered pretty. My mother always told me I had a very pretty face. That seemed to have helped a little, but only temporarily. I never felt completely comfortable with myself. As I grew older, I could laugh it off at other people's heartless comments more than before, but it sometimes still gets to me. I believe that a woman needs to feel beautiful to be beautiful. I think I'm slowly getting there. Today when I went to my favorite fashion blog site Sartorilist, the article really struck a chord. I feel the urge to reblog it here and post the picture of this beautiful 5'1" girl from Berlin. Thank you, Sartorilist.


  1. Stylishness is a taste, is an atittude. You could be it at any size and age,and..YOu look very comfy, pretty. Especially, with your sunshine like smile.

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