Friday, May 14, 2010

Corporate Outing Day!

It was a perfect day! (What do you think of that as the starting statement of a blog?) My cold is slowly getting better. Weird thing is I never lost my appetite during the whole course, and I have been eating like a pig. Even weirder was that I lost 3 pounds in the process. I guess sickness just take that much toll on you that eating is not enough to make it up. Today Intel treated us an IMAX movie at Jordan's furniture superstore in Framingham, MA - Iron Man 2. We have enough people in Massachusetts that they just reserved a theater for us. It was an awesome experience. The movie was ok. My favorite scene was Scarlett Johansson's Matrix like moves at the end of the movie. She looks amazing in this movie.  Gwyneth Paltrow's role in this movie is weak. There are some pretty funny jokes in there. Definitely worth watching in a movie theater. Another reason I call it a perfect day was the lunch. We, a group of 8 people, went to Sichuan Gourmet in Framingham, not far from the movie theater. We ordered about 9 different dishes and they were delicious. Everyone agreed. That's as close as you would get to an authentic Chinese Sichuan restaurant. Food was great. If you are in the area and like hot food, definitely check it out.

This is what I wear today for the event:
Outfit details:
Jacket: Willi Smith
wrap shirt: Loft
Jeans: Calvin Klein
Shoes: DSW
Scarf: gifted from my best friend.
Necklace: Betsy Johnson


  1. The scarf made the perfect match. Very fresh spring looking!

  2. hi you are very sexy ...



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