Monday, May 31, 2010

Super easy shopping outfit

Easy on, easy off, is the goal to dressing for shopping. Don't put too much jewelry on you so you don't have to take them off to try on something new. Better to wear no jewelry at all if you can avoid it. Wear comfy shoes. You know you will be walking the extra miles. My pick for the shopping trip is simple: a T-shirt, a skirt with elastic waist, and a pair of low wedge sandals. Oh, don't forget a light weight cardigan in case the mall temperature is ridiculously low. When I stood out there waiting for my pictures to be taken before my shopping trip, my darling daughter ran to me and handed me a flower that fell off a plant. "Here, Mommy, hold this to add a bit of color to your picture." So I did. I really love the little red dot in the picture. :)

Flower on my ear?

Flower in my hand?

Flower in both hands?

No flower or Cardigan

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Green Thumb

My first task for the weekend is to get some flowers for the front of my house. I tried Lowes last week and was really disappointed with their selections. Came home empty handed. I thought about checking out Walmart today but convinced myself it's going to be a waste of time. So we went to the closest nursery Green Thumb directly.  I'm glad we did. Their flowers and plants are so beautiful it makes you want to have them all. My daughter was jumping around picking out the flowers she liked and making the whoos and ahhhs like she was in Disney. I didn't know she could be that excited about flowers and was really happy to have taken her along with us. 
Today's outfit is a racer back top with jean tights. I went for all grey. I have been obsessed with grey for a while. I don't know why. 

Front door of the nursery
Beautiful hanging baskets
Me overwhelmed by all the selections
So hard to choose
Our final selections
Outfit details:
Racer back top: Gap
Jean tights: Loft
Sandals: Nine West
Necklace: Anzie
Bracelet: The Limited
Bag: Coach
Shades: Laura Ashley

Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day to me means food, fun, parade, and of course shopping!  I expect big end of spring clearance this weekend so I'm not going to miss it. I also will tend to my little annual garden in the front. I always enjoy my curb appeal after the garden is put in place. It's going to be nice and warm for all three days. How great is that! I hope everyone have a great weekend, and all my fellow US bloggers/readers a fantastic long weekend!

Today's outfit is a day old. Sleeveless knit dress with a slit in the front, a tie knot on the neck. Very stylish and easy to wear. One of my favorite summer staple dresses. It was a bit on the chilly side yesterday so I dug out a long sweater I got from Hollister last year from a pile of uncategorized pile of clothes and threw it on. I was immediately thrilled at the effect that this sweater made. It formed a very attractive silhouette, especially from the side. I was very happy to have found a way to wear it because when I purchased it I really had no idea if I was able to make it work. I got it in clearance at Hollister last year for $10. This sweater's original price was at least $60. Gee, now I have all sorts of ideas for it. Pair it with dresses, T-shirt and shorts, you name it. It's a very versatile piece.
I just love the way this sweater looks from the side.
Stealing a sip of my coffee in between shoots.
Yes, can't live without my Starbucks coffee in the morning.

Outfit details:
Dress: Ann Taylor
Sweater: Hollister
Shoes: Nine West
Bracelet: Gift shop in Cape Cod

Thursday, May 27, 2010

black and white - always safe

Was it hot yesterday! Makes you forget that it's only May. I picked out this silk dress to beat the heat. The cardigan is for the occasionally chilly office area.
Outfit details:
Dress: Loft
Cardigan: French Connection
shoes: Nine West (my favorite comfy summer shoes)
Shades: Laura Ashley
bracelet: The Limited
Bag: Coach

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunny orange

I'd like to start by talking a little bit about where I shop, in general. If you haven't noticed, I'm fairly petite, in every way. I have a very thin waist, so most pants won't fit me. Finding the right clothes that fit me hasn't been easy. I'm sure there is a group of women that fit into the same category as me and have the same problem. The reason why I am talking about it today is because one of my coworkers (male) came to my office and asked me where I get all my clothes. You can imagine the shock on my face. He then explained that his wife is the same build as me and is having a hard time finding clothes that fit. I gave him some pointers including this blog address and hopefully his wife will be reading this article. 
I get most of my clothes from Loft. Reason is that they fit me well. Their style also fit me well. Ann Taylor is too formal for me. I like to look at their dresses, but nothing beyond that. Their sweaters, pants, etc are too boring for me. Remember I work in an engineering company. We don't have a dress code per se. Am I glad for that. I am able to wear my fun stuff to work even and not have to wait for the weekends. So Loft is a must visit store when I go shopping. 
Another store I really like is Express. They are very trendy. Lots of fun to visit. They are targeting younger shoppers, but I'm young at heart. :) I really love their jewelry collection. The belts are nice too.
Banana republic Factory outlet store is another one of my favorite. I like it better than their regular store in the mall. They carry petite sizes. I fit their size 00 ok, still a bit big for me, but I usually wear belts to make it more flexible. 
Karen Millen outlet store is a must visit for occasions dresses. I just discovered that store recently and haven't got a chance to blog it yet. Their sizes run small, which is great for me. It's a European brand and I don't have to wear their smallest size.  Great discounts in the store too.
Calvin Klein is my favorite store to get men stuff. Their prices are very reasonable and their style is great. Unfortunately everything in it is too big for me. So no luck to get myself anything. 
Delia's is a teenage store which has some fun colors and casual shorts and pants that fit me. I don't go there often but occasionally I'd stop in.
Forever 21 is not my kind of store, but a lot of online bloggers swear by it. They are cheap and stylish. But they are cheap for a reason. So if you are looking for quality classic clothing, this is not the right place, but if you are looking for some funky fun stuff, definitely go visit. 
Gap. I have a love hate relationship with Gap. They go in and out of my list, depending on their designers. Some years they do very good, but some years they are disappointing. This year, I fell in love with it, again. They have petite selections only online, but you can return them at store which is convenient.
Jcrew is too pricey for the same stuff that Loft carries. With a good sale, they can be ok.
White House/Black Market. Fit is a problem for me, but I can always find something there, like one of my favorite belts which was featured in my blog a lot, and jackets. 
Then there is department stores, which I really don't visit that often. JCPenney has been off my shopping list for many years. I don't think they have any style. Sears really shouldn't even bother with their "soft side", and stick with what they are good at. Macy's is ok, but I rarely have luck in it.  Nordstrom has the best shoe collections but they are a bit pricey. Lord and Taylor, I don't visit enough to comment.
I haven't even started talking about shoes yet, and this blog is getting too long for me even to re-read it. So I will stop right here and leave the rest to another day. Hope it helps.

I wore this outfit yesterday to match the 90 degree scorching temperature. I love this linen dress. Very flowy, and comfy. People always notice this color. 
Outfit details:
Dress: J Jill
Shoes: White House Black Market
Pearl necklace: auction.
Sunglasses by Kathy von Zeeland
Bag: Coach
Hat: I honestly don't remember where I got it. :(

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweet and Rough - fashion challenge

The mystery is finally over. The sweet and rough challenge is out on Jessica's What I Wore blog with 40 some beautiful women taking on this challenge. It's really awesome that Jessica does this kind of community linking. It really makes it fun and helps us connect. Here is what I did for the challenge. I took out my silk floral dress that is very feminine and added a military jacket over it. I don't have that many "rough" stuff around, but I do have some studded skinny belt. So I used it around my wrist as a bracelet. I really like the look of it. This idea was from Jessica as well. Thank you, Jessica.
Outfit details:
Dress: Ann Taylor
Jacket: Loft
Shoes: Michael Kors
Belt (worn as bracelet): Gap
Necklace: The Limited

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday's work outfit

Finally it's warm enough to wear summer clothes. Then it's gonna hit 90 tomorrow. Oh well. I am not complaining. I'm enjoying the weather. I used up all my brain cells trying to do Jessica's Sweet and Rough fashion challenge for tomorrow. The look will be revealed in my blog tomorrow. Today, I opted for simple and comfy. A simple V-neck with a floral skirt. I even took out one of my most comfortable summer buckle sandals. Off I went for work.
Outfit details:
Top: Loft
Skirt: Loft
Sandals: Payless
Chandelier Earrings: birthday gift from my husband
Bracelet: Chico
Bag: Coach
Shades: Michael Kors

Sunday, May 23, 2010

One piece wonder

I love dresses. I like the fact that you can slip it on, belt it, and off you go. When I don't like to think about what to wear, I go to my dress selections. This one is simple, and very easy to wear, you can't go wrong with it. So I'm not taking much credit for putting it together.

Outfit details:
Dress: Ann Taylor
Belt: White House Black Market
Shoes: Nine west
Cardigan: Loft
Shade: Michael Kors
Purse: Coach
Flower earrings: Betsy Johnson (from Ruelala)

I'd like to share a picture of my daughter's My Dollie and Me dress. She is holding her favorite build-a-bear she got for her birthday.

Relaxing Saturday

I am a really non-standard conforming type of person. I really don't like rules. I also do not like schedules. I like to have a lot of free time to do whatever I want to do however I want to do it at that moment. I'm very spontaneous. It doesn't work too well with two young kids, each having multiple activities going on. Well, you have to give them the best you can, right? In order to still have my putzing around time, I keep the weekends free. Don't know how long that's going to last, but I'm enjoying every moment of it. This casual outfit is what I was putzing around in yesterday.
Outfit details:
T-shirt: The Limited
shorts: Gap
Belt: Gap
Sandals: Target

Friday, May 21, 2010

Vicky showing off her steal week (day 5)

It's Friday, and I'm lazy. We have a beautiful weekend forecast, so I'll be enjoying it. Looks like Jessica is having another style challenge again. I'll definitely be participating again. This time it's Sweet and Rough! delicate romantic pieces mixed up with something edgy. I'm not sure what I'll do yet but that's kind of my weekend project. Today's showoff is a nice feminine top I got from Esprit. Very very cute. Originally $35 outlet price,  knocked down to $16. I love its pattern and color. I paired it with a pair of light wash slim fit jeans and a little shrug in the same color range. Simple, pretty, cute.

Outfit Details:
Top: Esprit
Shrug: forever21
jeans: Loft
wedges: Nine West
cuff: The limited

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Heart You - Shopbop $100 Giveaway!

The lovely Paige is hosting a giveaway for a $100 Shopbop gift card! Enter here by May 30th. Good luck!

Vicky showing off her steal week (day 4)

I don't remember the last time I saw a 55 degree weather turning into a 80 degree day overnight. Today is one of those days. The heater was still on in the morning. Yeah, I'm not exaggerating. By the time I got to work, the jean jacket I put over the extremely summer outfit had to come off right away. Let's first look at the pictures, then I'll babble a little more.

Outfit details:
What's new:
  • Green T: Esprit
  • Rope belt: Esprit
  • Skirt: Loft
  • Handbag: Coach
What's old:
  • Jade necklace: gifted from an old friend.
  • Watch: gifted from my cousin in Shanghai.
  • Wedges: Nine West
  • Sunglasses: Michael Kors
  • Jean jacket: Loft
I didn't think I was that crazy about Coach, but I own a few of their bags. I go for their quality and the outlet usually have very decent prices for the quality I'm looking for. This bag was originally priced at $348 and I snatched it for $95. I needed a basic summer bag that goes with everything. I think this bag fits the criteria.
I am also very happy about the T-shirt purchase. Reason is not the price. It's the color. I swear, I do not own anything this color. There might be a reason for it. Maybe it's because I didn't think I could wear this color? So I decided to venture out and try it. I actually liked it. What do you think?

And you know what's rewarding about writing the blogs? It's the readership. When my friend Rong commented that she couldn't wait to see my post today, it really made my day. Thank you, readers!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ShopSavvy - iphone app

I'm not a gadget lover like most of my friends and fellow engineer coworkers are, but I really really love my iphone. I'm not going to sit here at night and type up a storm about how great and how cool iphones are, but I do want to talk about an app that I think you should definitely download if you have a smartphone. It's called ShopSavvy.  Once downloaded the application lets you scan the barcode of any product (well, almost any) and show a picture of the item and list out all the prices online and in local stores. I tried it with my Aveeno lotion and a bag of potato chips. It really worked! The only homework you still have to do is to figure out if there are other discounts out there, because this price doesn't take into account any coupons you would use. I'm a bargain hunter. This app really excites me. Oh, did I mention it's free?

Vicky showing off her steal week (day 3)

I woke up to a very cold, wet, terrible, no good, very bad day. I somehow developed an infection in my upper respiratory system, due to last week's cold, and I have a throaty cough now. It's the show off week that light up my spirit. Here it is. Today's outfit is all Loft, except for the sandals and the necklace. What's from last weekend's steal is the floral cami and matching scarf, both around $12. I really like the color and the pattern, so I got them both. The scarf was originally selling for $30. Not bad, eh? I think the pop of color really makes a rainy day look more lively

I admit I went a little crazy in today's photo shoot. I tried to ask my Dad who was taking the pictures to hurry up, because I was standing in the rain. But he was taking his sweet time. That was when I went crazy with the scarf. And I was in such a hurry to work, that I forgot to include my handbag in the photo. It was sitting nicely in my car. Oh well...

Outfit details:
scarf: Loft
cami: Loft
cardigan: Loft
Trench: Loft (My favorite trench, that I used to enter the Loft/Lucky contest)
Slim fit jeans: Loft (got it last weekend as well for $29.99)
Cuff: Loft
Wedges: Nine West
Necklace: Swarovski


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