Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day trip to Arnold Arboretum

Since I needed to walk a lot today, I had to stow away my usual platform high heels and go with my non-standard attire - sneakers. I don’t wear them often. I only wear them out of necessity. Outfit was picked out one piece at a time, starting from the sneakers. The T-shirt is one of my favorite from LOFT this season. So is the cardigan. Instead of going with my favorite slim fit jeans, I decided to pick my one and only cargo pants I have in my wardrobe, also from LOFT. LOFT should pay me for doing free advertisement for them. Hehe. But I love, love, love their clothes. Ok maybe a little bit exaggerated. I think they are really trendy and have great collections and sales. Now pictures were taken by my hubby, for some reason sneakers weren’t shown. Oh well..

For accessories, I went with … you guessed right, LOFT coral bracelet and Alice in Wonderland pendant from Sworavski. The pendant is one of my favorite. If you have seen the movie Alice in Wonderland, you should have noticed the pendant Alice wore in the beginning of the movie. Sworavski did a great job recreating this pendant. I love the rose gold tone and the sparrow on top of the crystal.

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  1. Beautiful as always, although the photographer helps.



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