Friday, April 30, 2010

Casual Friday

Ok, there is no such thing as casual Friday if you are an engineer in computer industry. Everyday is a casual Friday. There is no dress code. Everyone comes in dressed totally different. Suits the lifestyles of most male engineers. I like to make dressing each day a fun activity. Today I put on the newly acquired jean skirt from Gap and a white graphic T from The Limited. Temp is going to go up to 70, so I'm dressing light today. Threw on a cardigan for the morning coolness. Let's not forget my favorite skinny belt from Coach. I'm good to go.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pretty silk blouse and skinny jeans

The two always go together. Can't go wrong with it. The blouse is 100% silk, from JJill outlet. It's mostly different shads of brown, but has a few blue spots in it. The pattern is busy enough, so I didn't put on any more accessories besides a blue ring. I don't like to be matchy matchy, but the blue ring brings out the color from the blouse.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A blah day

Today is one of those days that I don't feel like dressing up. Maybe because the weather suddenly turned chilly, maybe because I came down with some sort of cold, maybe I'm just being lazy, I feel like going to the "go to outfit" today. It's funny that I just read in Jessica's blog about how she believes that "all well dressed women have a go-to outfit when they’re not feeling 100% - because of the weather or their mood." And I'm there already. So my go-to outfit is a pair of very comfortable worn jeans and a T shirt. Well, today is really not a T-shirt day. It's 40 degrees for crying out loud. So I went to my comfy sweater. My sister bought this sweater for me last year. She called me on the phone and said,"I bought you something I know you absolutely don't need. But it's SOOO cute, that I had to buy it." I agree with her. When I received the package, I immediately fell in love with the sweater. It's DKNY jeans. It's very delicately made. The sleeves are different knit patterns, and the hood is just out of this world cute. And on top of that, it's extremely comfy given the material is 100% cotton. It's easy and effortless. All I had to do is to throw on a necklace for color.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Going with Spring 2010 fashion - nude color

Since January, I started hearing and reading about going "nude". Pictures of celebrities with different variations of nude colors are all over magazines. I wasn't sure how it'll look on me. I have always been a fan of black, grey, or pop of color. Nude seems too pale for me. Today I'm giving it a try.

These are not new clothes. These are my old collections of Old Navy Sweater, and Gap skirt from years ago. I'm putting them together with my favorite white T from LOFT. Nude wedges are from Nine West this year. Locket is a $3 steal from Limited a couple of years ago. (Yeah, it was on super clearance). Bracelet is from Banana Republic.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Plaid dress

I had a meeting at 9 am this morning, and I was running late. The stupid movie was keeping me up till after midnight last night. "Up in the air." Totally not recommending it. Anyways, I didn't get a chance to have my pictures taken in the morning. When I almost got home from work, I called my husband and asked if he could come out with the camera to take some pictures for me. It was starting to rain, and it was cloudy. I was exhausted from a whole day of work. I asked him to not focus on my face, because at the end of the day, it just looks tired and unhappy. I drove into the garage and parked. When I tried to get out, I saw him with a camera, clicking away...
Then I got outside still with my jacket on.
Without the jacket, it shows the semi sheer white shirt I'm wearing underneath it.
I'm not going to smile, because I'm tired.

No point to try, I'm tired.

Now I'm just getting really silly.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day trip to Arnold Arboretum

Since I needed to walk a lot today, I had to stow away my usual platform high heels and go with my non-standard attire - sneakers. I don’t wear them often. I only wear them out of necessity. Outfit was picked out one piece at a time, starting from the sneakers. The T-shirt is one of my favorite from LOFT this season. So is the cardigan. Instead of going with my favorite slim fit jeans, I decided to pick my one and only cargo pants I have in my wardrobe, also from LOFT. LOFT should pay me for doing free advertisement for them. Hehe. But I love, love, love their clothes. Ok maybe a little bit exaggerated. I think they are really trendy and have great collections and sales. Now pictures were taken by my hubby, for some reason sneakers weren’t shown. Oh well..

For accessories, I went with … you guessed right, LOFT coral bracelet and Alice in Wonderland pendant from Sworavski. The pendant is one of my favorite. If you have seen the movie Alice in Wonderland, you should have noticed the pendant Alice wore in the beginning of the movie. Sworavski did a great job recreating this pendant. I love the rose gold tone and the sparrow on top of the crystal.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Black and white day

It’s a perfect day to wear a sleeveless dress with a cardigan. I say that because our spring weather is really unpredictable. It’s cool in the morning and hot in the afternoon. Throw in another factor, which is the air conditioning operation at work, that makes selecting work outfit very tricky. I choose to layer. Always have a way to take off a layer when it’s too hot. (Some days, our office area can be over 80 degrees). Always have a way to warm yourself when it’s too cold. (Some days when the air conditioner decides to operate at full force, it can be as chilly as winter days.)

This is a dress I bought on clearance at Express last year. It’s very thick, but sleeveless. I’m not ready to wear mini’s without tights, so I threw on a pair of black opaque tights. Boots seemed to be the next natural thing to put on, so I did.
Now a cardigan is necessary for the morning. I chose this simple basic black LOFT cardigan that I snatched for $20 (originally $60). 
Now I have decided to go all black, with no popping color, so I grabbed this black leather satchel I got from Kenneth Cole. Just love how the leather feels. I’m ready to go.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring day

It’s upper 60s today. Yippee!!! Love the spring here in Massachusetts. I decided to wear my new LOFT modern slim fit jeans with a special shirt I got as a gift from my aunt in China. I put a belt around it to give it a little definition. Perfect. 
Michael Kors heels. I love them!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yellow and Blue

My husband found this dress two years ago and bought it for me because he liked it so much. I think it’s very bright and sunny, but it’s really hard to wear. It has been hanging in the closet for the most part. I took it out today because I got an inspiration from (fashion blog by Jessica Schroeder). Adding a jacket over it makes it so much softer. 


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